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Efficient PSF Modeling with ShOpt.jl: A PSF Benchmarking Study with JWST NIRCam Imaging
Edward Berman, Jacqueline McCleary, et al.
Astronomical Journal, to appear. PDF

ShOpt.jl : A Julia Package for Empirical Point Spread Function Characterization of JWST NIRCam Data
Edward Berman, Jacqueline McCleary
Journal of Open Source Software, AAS Companion Paper. To appear. PDF

Can It Edit? Evaluating the Ability of Large Language Models to Follow Code Editing Instructions
Federico Cassano, Luisa Li, Akul Sethi, Noah Shinn, Abby Brennan-Jones, Jacob Ginesin, Edward Berman, George Chakhnashvili, Anton Lozhkov, Carolyn Jane Anderson, Arjun Guha
The first annual Conference on Language Modeling, to appear. PDF

Reflexion: Language Agents with Verbal Reinforcement Learning
Noah Shinn, Federico Cassano, Edward Berman, Ashwin Gopinath, Karthik Narasimhan, Shunyu Yao
ArXiv Preprint. PDF